Monika Berger | Master of Chiropractic

"I wish that more people would discover chiropractic for themselves. It frequently provides a real alternative to surgery and medication often offered in conventional medicine. Prevention is very important to me. If children would be checked early for subluxations and these would be corrected, it would be possible to prevent a lot of suffering. That is why I like to work with pregnant women, infants and children and of course their parents. I look forward to seeing you and your family in our clinic."


Since 2000 volunteer work at Malteser Braunschweig as advanced first aider, first aid instructor and the "realistic representation of emergencies"

2002-2005 training as a nurse in the Lutheran. Diakonissenanstalt Braunschweig Marienstift

2005-2009 Chiropractic studies at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, Trefforest, South Wales
Part-time work as chiropractic assistant,  in-house emergency call and home care

2009 Master of Chiropractic ongoing since 2009, training in the "Sacro-occipital technique", "Network Spinal Analysis - Basic Care", Rehabilitation and Paediatrics

2009 Family Chiropractic Sussex, East Grinstead, United Kingdom

2009-2010 blue mountain family chiropractic, Ashburton, United Kingdom

2010-2012 Chiropractic Bad Soden, Germany

since September 2012 Leb Chiropractic, Wiesbaden, Germany


Sabrina Bertrand-Barbeau | Doctor of Chiropractic


"I was only a few months old when I received my first chiropractic adjustment. Although I was old enough to benefit from it, I was still too young to perceive its entire value. Over the years, getting regularly checked by my chiropractor has become a conscious choice to reach my full health potential. Chiropractic care helped me to perform better, both mentally and physically. It allowed me to concentrate throughout my school years and supported me in some of my favorite activities, such as boxing and dancing.

I decided to become a chiropractor because I wanted to offer people the chance to have someone who would sincerely care about helping them to find their way back towards health and/or to stay at their top level.

My Mission trip to Haïti has been a deep eye-opening experience during which I felt privileged helping orphans and other people in need. Here in Germany working with people who want the best for their families is still important for me. Beyond that I gladly work with people from the theater.

As a chiropractor, my aim is to help you to discover the best version of yourself and to support you in reaching your personal life goals.

Chiropractic remains one of the most precious gift I ever received and want to share with others."


2010-2016 Chiropractic Studies: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

2010-2014 Spokesperson for the students council, UQTR, Québec, Canada

2013 Chiropractic assistent, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

2015-2016 Tutor for Chiropractic students, UQTR, Québec, Canada

2015-2016 Internship (Chiropractic Clinic), UQTR, Québec, Canada

2016 Graduation as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), UQTR, Québec, Canada

Summer 2016 Mission trip to Haïti and Dominican Republic

Since June 2017 Leb Chiropractic, Wiesbaden, Germany


Furthermore, Mrs. Bertrand-Barbeau attended numerous seminars and conferences about health, personal development, nutrition, psychology and communication. She also met with various healers from four continents encountering numerous techniques.


Bianca Cataldo | Clinic Manager

Doris Schmitz | Chiropractic assistant

"Hippocrates already said: Get knowledge of the spine, whereof lots of illnesses come.

I find it very fascinating, how chiropractic preserves the integrity of the spine and the nervous system without any side effects and thus  prevents health problems in the long run. At the same time chiropractic is an alternative therapy that not only helps with back-, neck- or headaches. Chiropractic is a small thing that makes a huge difference. I experience that not only as employee of Leb Chiropractic, but also as a satisfied customer."